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Blessed be me



Blessed be me


The day whizzed by like a mosquito on speed, rapidly hurtling towards a new victim.

The quiet night tore through me leaving an empty space inside, like someone stole the coffin lid.

Hiding beneath the covers of fact I’d¬†encased upon my soul, I blamed an old perception for my new life’s goal.

I drank from the empty cup of dreams as I slipped under, fulfilling every old need I’d ever nailed to my own undignified cross.


I was blessed he told me as he took my hand. His head next to mine,

I could feel him clearly.

He laughed and not a little,

but the rolling Santa belly laugh of old friends and young hopes,

then he vanished.


I rested and I rose.

A new day with the ultimate smile.

An acknowledgement of me.



Copyright G.P Williamson 2014

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Another page


Another page


I had to walk the nettles barefoot

and yes the brambles grabbed my legs.

My path was not an easy one,

I drank both tea and dregs.

Solid ground shifted unknowingly entwined

into the path of least resistance

when my perception was but blind.

I faltered one step and more

the drunken path of fools,

enlightened by your words

you gave me all the tools.

Broken in a picture frame

which screamed one time “be free!”

Where stood a silhouette,

which once was you and me.

A birth of tree time spurts.

The roots, each blade of grass,

Together form the picture

which has worked out at last.

The light shines through the window.

The frame no longer strange.

The panes transparency ignites

as we begin another page.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2014