Daisy’s Ghost!


Just in case you never saw
The dancing girl red shoes she wore,
Heard upon the bare tile floor,
She clipped and clopped and clipped some more.

Up above we heard her feed,
Over our heads a magical treat.
Up the stairs we gently run.
It must be Daisy having fun?

We opened the door,
What a shock we got!
Little Daisy was asleep,
Inside her little cot.

The clip clop dancing had continued.
We stood there frozen our fears renewed.
Bare tile floor as clear as day.
Clip, clap, clop was here to stay.

We woke our Daisy,
Moved her out!
She heard the clops and danced about!

We watched amazed,
Her new little game
I heard her say.
“Life will never be the same”

I asked her gently “could we play too?”
I was told distinctly “I wasn’t talking to you”
We stood in silence, simply scared.
Clip, Clap, Clop came down the stairs.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2013


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