Disabled Boy

This one is in fact a true story (as are most of the others!) however this one hit me because I’d been to the hospital with my wife and seen a young lad on a green walking frame. Not something that unusual as I was in a hospital and I have a fair few disabled friends. He looked so happy and yet wasn’t getting around at all well. When we returned home I had a look through the paper and he was in it as was the ex con I mention here. Sadly a true story.

Disabled boy

It is a tragedy today I saw a boy who couldn’t walk the floor.
A little lad of three years old he dragged those feet his walker cold.
Through the hospital he did wander smiling at all who looked and pondered.
There’s shells of men at forty and fifty and this boys eyes. Well, they uplift me.
I read in the paper some later tonight a story that didn’t feel quite right.
This boy’s picture was there to be seen, his eyes as bright as his walker, it’s green.
The NHS won’t pay for his op to let him walk or play or shop.
It’s forty thousand way too much to let this boy succeed and such?
The mean part of this story hasn’t yet begun about the 30 year old burglar and ex con.
He had an operation paid for by NHS it cost them twenty thousand and not a penny less.
So he could change his looks from head right down to ass.
So he could disappear and then became a lass.

Copyright G.P.Williamson 2013


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