Everything I have

Everything I have

You’re in the warm towel when I’ve bathed.
The sharp wit of my shave.
You’re famous notoriety.
Un-captured by my poetry

You’re the pride within a father,
Cradling his daughter.
Her smile when she reacts to the sprinkling of the water.

You’re the friends I feel good with.
The magic gift I give.
On our ever present path
You’re everything I have.

You’re the denim in my jeans.
The colour in my dreams.
You’re every caring thought.
You’re the mother to our daughter.

You’re the hope on Christmas Eve.
In everything I believe.
You’re the spirit of my past.
You’re soul and mine are similar cast.

You’re the fresh cut smell of grass.
The tinkle from the rain.
Each tear within my eye,
When you wipe away my pain.

You’re the carving in the wood.
The ingrained lows and highs.
You’re the smoothness of the pillow,
When I close my eyes.

You’re here beside me now.
When you feel alone again.
You’re smile is of pretend.
But on us we do depend.

You’re every child’s captured wish.
The shining on the sea.
My life was incomplete.
Until you were here with me.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2013


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