Don’t let yourself down.
Don’t let yourself worry.
Don’t get wrapped up in the past.
Take your time there’s no hurry.

Don’t fail to act.
Don’t ever stay down.
Don’t fail to pursue, and repair that frown.

Don’t say you’re sorry if you’re not.
Don’t forgive what you can’t forget.
Don’t ever quit.
Life’s not over yet.

Don’t let your guard down.
Don’t fail to let people in.
Don’t waste time on a whim.

Don’t plan too much.
Don’t over analyze.
Enjoy the moment.
Don’t over realize.

Don’t live in the past.
Don’t live in your dreams.
Don’t live for a memory.
We are all too far gone.
Live for right now.
You are number one.

Copyright G.P.Williamson 2013


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