Pumpkin coffin

Pumpkin Coffin


It was just before the dawn
As you recalled the night before.
You placed those four big pumpkins
in a coffin on the floor.

Today we’d cut and carve.
To decorate and laugh.
Shaking plastic spiders
at the fears we do not have.

We’d bake our favourite pie.
Set sky lanterns to be free.
sit beside the fire
then snuggle up with me.

Time to make the coffee.
A good start to the day.
then right on the floor beside me
an empty coffin lay.

Amidst the broken glass.
and as no burglar had been.
Your breath caught all at once.
When you realized what you’d seen.

Four screaming children
(who were tucked up in bed).
Floating through the window
with pumpkins on their head.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2013


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