Scribblings and squabblings

complaint letter

I was in pain and I’d had to write a letter….

Dear Complaints department.

Oh how I while away the autumn hours thinking of all the positives you bring to this world.

Indeed but please, let me begin by saying how your uplifting, sing song “Hi can I help you?” raises me to new heights, especially when we both know you can but won’t.

I feel so much better knowing there’s an attentive voice listening, waiting to do the right thing and always when I’ve spoken to them I’ll give you a ring to balance things out a bit.
Then when it’s been confirmed that I’m wrong and always have been because of a mistake your company made I find I’ve been given freely a new lease of life in knowing I have another challenge before me.


One which allows me to not only learn what your job entails (which, to be fair is often quite basic) but to do it for you as well!
These are the positives you share, The heights you reach in delegating a workload such a giving attitude that proves undoubtedly the lesser mortals such as myself can do it to if we would only try a little bit harder.
For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Had I not spoken with you this morning, afternoon and evening, I’d not have known the meaning of self worth.

Do take this as an official pat on the back won’t you? I know deep down we both wish it was before a cliff with a very steep drop as you love your role as much as your customers love your service. However! There is hope my fickle friend, lets not pretend this letter went unsent!
Nor that when you were rude to me not once but twice and I did not respond in kind that I hadn’t already sought out your head office off the net.

Let us not forget your name and time were logged and sent, A transcripted call automatically printing the moment I’d hit dial. You see you taught me all I need to know and that’s how I’m worthwhile.

We can forget the email, the one sent to your boss, the man who pays your wage which for me has been no loss.
So let us begin again upon a different foot. I’m in need of a repair, will you help me or not?
That’s the spirit dearie no it’s fine my paperwork you forgot.
Just one more favour please I know you work around the clock. Could you check all the other complaints? You know, the ones that time forgot.

Sincerely G.P Williamson 2014


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