Horrilove (a gothic romance)


If I could write a thousand love songs,
I’d only write the best.
Doesn’t it sound romantic?
Oh you’ve not heard the rest.
I’d title it the nickname,
I once gave a lovers chest.

If I could touch your hand.
I’d hold it every year.
Isn’t it empathic how you see me crystal clear?
I’ll keep it held tight always,
Regardless of your fear.

If I could make sweet love,
With you right there beneath.
You’d purify my toxins
And I’d fill you with my grief.
I’d free you of all poison,
Through gritted, bitter teeth.

If I could write a horrilove,
By kingdom come I would.
Your magic is a waterfall,
My love is made from wood.
I wrote this all in daisy’s
They’re covered in my blood.

Copyright G.P Williamson


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