Scribblings and squabblings

New home

New home

“That’s a home!” she said falling in love immediately.
“A place to vent, let off steam, put up for rent” I reeled off from memory.
“no my love” she informed me softly, it’s a childhood dream “You’re being cold and lofty” she says.
“lofty?” I enquired my mind a wash with money troubles.
“take it literally” she said cradling our one year old.
“we need an extension?” I asked ignoring her call me cold.
“you do” she responded turning away with a coy smile.

I stood there in the garden alone and no richer than the days before I was employed.
I heard a laugh, a little girls laugh from the next door garden. She was playing around a tree, her eyes lit up like daddy was the real Santa clause who bought her gifts daily.

“well?” my wife asked appearing behind me like magic.
“we’ll take it” I said.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2014


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