Warplay c. 1950

Reminded me of a time with an art therapist many moons ago who used army men in his work to help people beat anger related issues, bereavement, guilt and self confidance issues. A good man and great therapist. I summed him up more than once in a couple of my poems however this gent captures the moment in totality.

Poesy plus Polemics

Plastic Toy Soldiers Photo from ebay.com Plastic Toy Soldiers
Photo from ebay.com

linoleum playground
where plastic wars
waged for strategic
indelible squares
allies knocking the
axis back onto its
arrogance planting
the flag upon kitchen
chair heights vinyl
victory claimed before
mama would shoo
all the soldiers away
from her busy feet
to and fro over the
weekly waxed battlefields
working her armistice
mission to cook for
the pudgy faced general
still on his after-school
knees putting back all
his armies in coffee cans
safely stored under
the sink never knowing
perhaps never needing
to know of the brutal
realities flesh and blood
soldiers so recently had
to endure at the hands
of some megalomaniac
men holding violent hate
in their hard plastic hearts

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