Poor religions

Poor Religions


Ah enlighten the poor hearts.
Grasp your religions with both hands.
Share the wealth of conviction.
Unite against…stop there.

Unite against, really?
Of which God do you speak my friend?
Who’s followers misguided?
Look inside before reflection.

Take that inner being’s light.
It’s purity in darkness.
Acceptance in ignorance,
and it’s guidance in your palm and close it.

Throw it far and wide.
Take that ball.
That lamp.
That seed.
That glow.

Share it wide.
Both high.
Both proud.
and most low.

Keep it near.
spread it far.
Grab a star.
Burn it up.
Burn it out.
Dance and laugh.
Scream and shout.
Live and learn.
Earn and laugh.
Give it all.
Yourself at last.

Don’t be disillusioned.
Grandios exclamations.
Public views on God’s conclusions.
Write a book.
Make a start.
Speak the truth.
Use your heart.

Make a wish.
Grant one other.
Be the friend.
Be the lover.

Stop right there.
Do you see it?
let it go.
You’re the spirit.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2015.


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