The Little one returns

The little one returns.


The little one returns.
A lump of coal in my chest crumbles.
Carried twenty years.
The shards turn to dragonflies and rest upon a pond.
The crickets click softly.
I’ve been there all along.
My hands carved each intricate flower awaiting your return.
My heart lights the sky, I’ve never ceased to burn.
Everything was perfect.
The visitors often laughed.
“After all you’ve been through, how did you manage that?”
Astounded in amazement at a world they’d never live.
Drinking the dream I built to give.
Behind the distant trees on this open mass of land,
lies a simple little hut where my home can be found.
A simple passing stream.
A lake the other side.
You’ll find me here waiting.
My door always open wide.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2015.



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