When the darkness gets too much.

When the darkness gets too much.


When the darkness gets too much and the sky loses it’s blue.
Know the preacher’s are around you and that they have seen it too.

There’s no eye for an eye.
No Karma to solve the fight.
No conflict without reflection.
This is anothers slight.

No deed does go unpunished.
As the ego rides on high.
That’s the blessing of subconscious.
Our eye for an eye.

Crossed paths will happen often.
The champion takes one step back.
Manouvering with such gracefulness
means there’s no need to react.

The warrior of light pays tribute.
The world’s not always fair.
The enemy harms himself.
Each moment without a care.

The artist see’s the scene.
He takes the crows as done.
He surveys the bigger picture,
and with no action, he has won.

The enemy carries heartbeats.
All of which are stone.
With nobody to attack,
His hell becomes his home.

The crowd praises the wise man.
Who doesn’t seem to hear.
The angel’s make a note.
“He’s passed this test, that’s clear”

Copyright G.P Williamson 2015


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