Nigel Mottram Exhibition!!

I simply had to share this E-mail I received today from a dear friend and extra ordinary artist. It arrived at a time when I was looking up ‘moving pictures’ on youtube. People have created some incredible ‘haunted’ pictures via the use of video. Nigel has created the real thing. My nan had a picture of the crying boy above her bed in Macclesfield in the late 1980’s and I was intrigued always as his eyes followed me around the room. I didn’t know the opposite power – it’s positive message could be so well intertwined until I discovered Nigel’s amazing gift. Don’t take my word for it. I’m naturally as biased as I am mesmerised, Go see for yourself and please share any emotional, haunting, inspiring stories you may have from the master himself and his work.

I do believe that one just blinked…

You are invited to view a series of paintings by Nigel Patrick Mottram:
Glimpses of the Sacred  – Interfaces Between Art and Faith

Nigel was born in 1943 and brought up in Liverpool, where as a child played on bomb sites. Throughout his life he has been fascinated by sites of urban dereliction. Imagery and meaning in his paintings emerge as layers are uncovered and discovered. The sacred is glimpsed in this process and in the forms that emerge. Scapegoats, heroes, and themes of isolation and fragmentation, reflect a quest for understanding of self and the sacred.

– Opening -All welcome-  Sunday 9th August, 7-9pm Sacred Trinity Church, Chapel Street M3 5DW

– Exhibition Open -Tuesday 11th August, 12-3pm, Saturday 15th August, 1-5pm,Tuesday 18th August, 12-3pm Tuesday 25th August, 12-3pm

For further information contact Nigel on 0779 448 9994


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