No reason

No Reason


I cannot play guitar.

My fingers are awful numb.

I cannot find the tune,

my plectrum should be a drum.

It echo’s with uncertainty

we’ve only met but twice.

I digress with a memory

I apologise times thrice.

I cannot play guitar

the sunlight warms my veins.

through a little speck of glass

that does not hide my shame.

I could replay the memories.

The photographs of mind.

but I cannot play guitar

and you’d still not be mine.

completeness comes with wholeness.

The unity of one.

Knowledge of perception,

not an intermittent sun.

Happy enters from within

the minds eye lets it loose.

Upon decision of the thought

the one we chose to choose.

I cannot play guitar.

Reality is just.

my instrument’s a pen.

my words are your mental voice.

A read a poem recently

something about a donkey.

I cannot play guitar and yet that man’s words spoke to me.

Dithering of mind and a waste of all my senses.

I keep to strumming daily

in the sunlight of all places.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2015


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