Red leaves

red leaves

Show stopper.


Running around both poles wearing holes in your insoles when you can’t see where the time goes!

Headless chicken, meat factory.

Over reacting to ambition when you can’t stand up to me.

I ever see an endless discrepency.

Guys just stop!

It’s clear to me you don’t understand unity.

Forget me not.

There’s leaves that blush when they fall, cascading, dancing down dark halls, colourful masquarading.

You can’t flip out at a trampoline park where you rage light wars against the dark?

Show me in before I take you out.

Your light fades in certainty when I cast doubt.

Artistic vibrations of black and white creations from a world with no direction.

Chaos in unity.

A flawed core.

I don’t know why you came out but we’ve been here before.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2017.


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