Mirror and time



It’s only with time they’ll see them.
Looking at a mirror only shows your adoration.
Through time your flaws become evident.
Your passion becomes real.
Through time.
Hatching a plan, decieving man, metamorphosing into….

A unique wonder of distinct worlds.
Meditative travels through sand and wood.
Etched in crop circles beneath foot.
Standing sideways watching the sun.
Allowing peace to unite everyone.
The rays etch through my sisters head scarf tight bun.
I was five and her hair was brown and she’s gone.

Entering a church of silver birch.
Earth strewn with maple leaves on all hallows eve with a burning bush and people believe.
Don’t be decieved.
The mirror of man is what your viewing.
You’re the answer to your own undoing.
Micromanage your own kind of philosophy.
Allow knowledge of your inner democracy and say a prayer for me,
This mirror is my form of insanity.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2017


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