Flaming Rainbows

Flaming Rainbows.


I couldn’t see them at first.

It took practice, lots of practice.

At first I tried around stationary objects, a bath, a table, a sink.

Anything I could squint my eyes around to catch a glimpse before a blink.

Then the spaces between people, the gaps in how they walk, spaces in their words or adjusting how they talk.

It took many hours.

I watched the nights turn thin.

Then just like flaming rainbows I felt a stir begin.

A sound a shuffle made or a shuffle made sound.

It matters not the motion the sight was most profound.

A hazy mist came coloured and I dare’d not turn around.

For a goblin fought a lion both not one foot off the ground.

A pygmy choked a fairy and an Ogre beat a cloud.

All of which danced between a hungry pack of hounds.

©G.P Williamson 2017


2 thoughts on “Flaming Rainbows

    • Thankyou. Most of what I write comes from some instant inspiration or ramble of thoughts which amalgamate into something vaguely legible. However this actually came from a word prompt my wife threw out randomly to see what I’d come up with. The prompt was “Flaming rainbows”. Thanks for the comments.

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