Earth unrumbles.

Earth unrumbles


Do you think this lifestyle enough?

This walking run of departing energy in motion.

The content fighting, to be awake, sustain a beat, enduring unnatural feat after unnatural feat.

Do you feel complete?

Should you survive another bone shaking, hip rattling roller coaster ride you can jog home.

A marathon where enthusiasm hides.

The sun beats a line of cosmic rays through a worn and tattered running shell.

Shouting to be heard in an ever increasing larger world.

Rude people, indignitaries, carelessness,

Causing good business to go bust like dawn meets a new morning.

Playing second fiddle to second nature.

Trying to catch up to a carrot string,

If the earth unrumbles will the birds still sing?

…. I don’t hear anything.

©G.P Williamson 2017


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