Hello heart

Hello heart.


Hello heart.

Can you see here?

Understand why I ride the rhythm to your beat.

Keep walking alongside the beachside.

Pitter patter, tiny feet.

How I feel when the breeze blows, sea grows, waves roll into people.

When masters lay claim to victims and it’s the same to them but not to me.

When I’m all I can be but I’m still not free.

Hello heart, can you hear me?

©G.P Williamson 2017


3 thoughts on “Hello heart

    • Hi Kat, Thank-you for the comment. I cannot find a like link on your page for lady of the rain however I thought it was very interesting.I have watched several historical supernatural drama’s/programme’s and think Lady of the rain sounds great. I highly recommend Creepers by David Morrell (book.) I’m now following.

      • Hi, G.P! Thank you! Lady of the Rain was one of my more recent projects, and a very fun one to write. I find historical supernatural stories very interesting. I am considering writing a post on Victorians and the supernatural, soon. I will check out Creepers. A suspense by the NJ shore sounds fascinating!

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