A for Alpha

A for Alpha


What started as a lullaby.

Sweet, crisp and even.

Melodic in it’s rhythm and with purity and reason.

Is now losing words,

Big gaps which once made sense.

A nothingness, no afterthought,

A contract of comuppence.

The park looked good at first.

But now it’s just a K.

It’s like the Alpha letter chased the other ones away.

With all the jumbled lazy faces in place of missing crazy aces.

I wonder will it keep it’s place when it can barely tie it’s laces.

Like a family photograph in unfamiliar places.

Echo’s of the mind where a five your old’s been tracing.

A gallary of petty flaws where once the soldiers stood.

Once loyal to the business cause once paid their time in blood.

What started as a lullaby sweet and crisp and even.

Has ended in a tragedy, even I can’t believe in.

©G.P Williamson 2017


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