They tried

They tried


They tried to disuade me on saturday when they closed each and every door.

They tried at every home I’ve lived, without riches make him poor.

They tried with misdirection, they tried with general wars.

They tried again in March as they’ll try forevermore.

They nibble at the memories.

They chew the photograph’s.

Delete the very messages, that remind me of your laugh.

The way your hair fell sideways in any kind of weather.

The way you giggled randomly on summer hikes together.

Each moment reading stories.
Every sticky sweet throughout the day.

They found the nevernding delete and wiped them all away.

We fear the endless vanish.

The depth’s within the sea.

Mostly I fear missing, every moment you’re with me.

Gone through a tommorrow log.

The sunshine blinds us too.

A picnic at the seaside, another amazing view.

Beauty behind your eyes,

mesmerised where your perception rests.

Nothing but your favourite bear is what they now have left.

They tried to steal my everything.

Future memories and above.

Yet knowledge of your magic world.

Your love remains just enough.

©G.P Williamson 2017


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