Cruelty grabs at me how it reaches from the darkness.

I say darkness but I mean ether, like the air is both there and not. Subliminal changes that change fear to tear drop.

The dot matrix to spot changes into blotch pages where the vision changes to fear rages as angels become demons and familiar faces, scream in rages at the same plagues name on your birth certificate, until you look and it metamorphoses into a name you’d long forgot.

Cruelty grabs at me somehow.

From a field of immediate vision like a spider dangling from a web, face caressing, heart racing, finger twitching, eye stretching, more manifesting place of indecision.

Run and panic, panic and run. The climbing changing ascension of spiders has just begun. Ankle to hip maintaining their grip. Toe to knee, layer upon layer three times three.

Suffocating in a rolling mass of eyes and legs as they consume and consume until there’s no more room.

Cruelty grabs at me somehow.

Two arms from the sides where I’m too slow to hide. They grab and I slide whilst my legs drag astride, the floor to the right where I tend to slide I can’t hide my freight as the day turns to night. It all becomes clear the ending is near as he laughs in my ear through the thick stench of fear.

My hand is forced down. I had to move around to the face of a clown.

Cruelty grabs at me somehow, from the darkness, from the ground up my ankles stuck.

Two thick hands covered in muck. I can’t move it’s just my luck.

Doing around fifty here comes that truck!

Cruelty grabs at me somehow.


© G.P Williamson 2017



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