Carelessness causes fire.

Carelessness causes fire


Carelessness causes fire.

It also causes other losses.

Pay attention to what you’ve got.

Things get broken, misplaced when they’re not cared for.

Gone, forgotton in a wince of pain and loneliness.

Do I look like I’ll beg for your forgiveness?

Straight answers with long faces.

This place kept safe with no disgraces.

No embraces.

Soulless shapes like empty suitcases.

I’d give myself a new shape to dictate a new fate but it’s too late.

I asked a million time why we’re here every few weeks, what can we change?

It’s heart breaking and just stays the same.

It’s the no flame game waiting for a stage to reset, get rearranged that’s left stagnating.

What’s left is half a heart beating.


© G.P Williamson 2017


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