Things my four year old said (Ongoing)

Things my four year old has said.


I literally have a diary just for her of random things she’s done or come out with that tickle me. However I’ve not touched it in a while and somewhere along the line little things she’s said got added to my poetry books in margins or above writing. It’s about time they had their own little space. I’m sure it will be added to frequently.

D: “Daddy I don’t like you”

Me: “That’s not nice baby, don’t tell mummy or daddy you don’t like them. It’s not nice”

D: “I like mummy”


D: “Marrying each other is like dancing because dancing is marrying and marrying is a dance”


D: “I didn’t dream daddy, someone took all my dreams away!”


Me: “What are you doing baby?” (She was pulling very scary faces and generally staring at me)

D: “My teddy’s teached me it”


D: “Dad leave Cbeebies on”

Me: “No, I want to watch something else baby”

D: “No you don’t you want to watch Cbeebies with me”



-G.P Williamson.





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