Attention seekers.

Attention seekers.


They do it for achievers because they’re they’re great believers in the leavers and deceivers.
They shoot down far anything too left or right by their own blinkered short sights as they cough in the night, saying prayers because the NHS is sh*te.
The police will protect you, 90% are left too, poor pay, cuts in policing so much red tape real crime is increasing.
Relax sit back listen to some Susan Boyle all fairy shades, rose tints #FreeTommy shirts and LGBT prints, nothing’s changing.
This sh*t still stinks>
So many bullets flying, I can’t hear myself think.

© G.P Williamson 2018

A short post about the media whether social or otherwise. It always seems to be the most extreme or worst we concentrate on. People are like that they never say they had an average day. It was mostly the best or the worst ever. We watch dark desires and drag roses to inspirational statue poses and create purity for those we know. Then get drunk on stupidity and row.

Who are all these humans? What do they know?




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