Misogyny is haunting.

Misogyny is haunting.

Misogyny is haunting.
Be on your knees taunting.
Recalibrate your flaunting.
Two shakes of a cats’ tail and I’m scoring.
You’re purring over the hurts where the strap was burning, begging please and thankyou.
You’re learning.
The change in you, the true you that you never knew.
It’s occurring.
The wonderlust true blue and failed clues.
My misogyny is you.
Forbidden fruit is mine.
Can’t hide from the frozen insides where demons hide.
You’re heartbreak broken open, completely akimbo.
Wide eyed and enclosed in a tomb home.
My name on your soul.
We’re complete.
You’re whole.

© G.P Williamson 2018


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