Short poems

Ego & his shadow.

Ego & his shadow.

I turned around and there he was stood in my bedroom as I cupped my coffee, shocked and cautious, I knew him but never knew, never knew how he knew what I knew or how did I know?
With reflex and far too slow I chucked the coffee but he knew me and preempted my flow with a smile, he gripped my wrist and vanished, he was no more.
I knew somehow that he knew I knew he’d be back. He’s my ego. I had no time to react.
Ego knows all and see’s me ever present.
The god of mind who hides behind unequal signs.
I never was tall enough to understand.
Too short with people, I was always above the law.
Ego, my personal indulgence with no real use at all.
Above adequacy.
Below it all.
© G.P Williamson 2018


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