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Popped Kaboom’s

Popped Kaboom’s


I breathed in as you exhaled.

It was like a thought bubble had bloomed which filled the room when all my feelings popped kaboom’s.

Tiny crackles, major pops.

Icicles on stickledrops.

Like sticklebacks but always falling.

Raindrops shouting, snowmen calling.

Waiting in parks because the ice cream man’s here.

Dancing in puddles and knowing no fear.

Best friends holding hands as calender sheets fall.

January, February, March as he leaves to join the war.

My thought bubble pops and I’m aware once more.

She’s twenty, at the kitchen table, holding his photograph and trying not to cry.

All I can do is watch.


© G.P Williamson 2017

Parenting, poems

Footprints two – another baby wonder

Footprints two – another baby wonder

7th June 2017

So, we’re here again.

The wind’s blowing.

Not heavy.

Where will the leaf fall?



I wonder what I wrote that last time before I knew.

I wonder if you’re our other or if you’re someone new.

I wonder should the shades be pink or blue?

I wonder no matter the outcome, will I know what to do?


I wonder will I dither and panic, get silly and manic but I know I won’t be concerned about money or planning.

I wonder what a person you’ll be?

Morally, respectfully and hold yourself with dignity.

You’re not here and already I’m learning about me.

I might concerns myself with all the things I need to do.

I’ll never need to ask if I have enough love for you.


© G.P Williamson 2017



It’s ok, It’s forbidden.

It’s okay, it’s forbidden.


The world’s not fair.

Grow a pair.

Don’t let sadness be despair.

Total eclipse.

Time lapses.

Learn to stand when you could collapse.

Polar Axis

The world turns.

Love what you live.

No need to yearn.

Begin what you started.

End what you didn’t.

Remember you’re human.

It’s okay, it’s forbidden.


© G.P Williamson 2017

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Beautiful banality

Beautiful banality


Ten minutes is a long time for a young girl to sit quietly and think whilst tugging her curls.

Buzzing on candy overload, not understanding.

How was shouting naughty?

That’s how you reprimand me?

I’m being told off in a thousand words,

I don’t understand three.

I’m not being noisy I’m playing keyboard.

I’m sorry it’s too loud I’ll use the guitar….

Can’t think for half a second’s quick space of none banality.

Hoped to rain an analogy of half decent quality.

Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad?

“Yes baby?”

“What’s a family?”


© G.P Williamson 2017

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A note

A note


The last line written.
The last sip of wine drank.
Sour taste.
One year.
A fleeting moment of perfection.
Did I spend enough time with you?
Loved forever and adored.
My heart and mind forever yours.
I love you beyond acknowledgement.
Beyond my repair.
Above the repercussions of my past.
I’ll be forever there.
All I do is with you in mind.
All I am holds you inside.
Forgive me the days I’ll miss and the times gone unshared.
Don’t for a second think I never cared.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2014