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Beautiful banality

Beautiful banality


Ten minutes is a long time for a young girl to sit quietly and think whilst tugging her curls.

Buzzing on candy overload, not understanding.

How was shouting naughty?

That’s how you reprimand me?

I’m being told off in a thousand words,

I don’t understand three.

I’m not being noisy I’m playing keyboard.

I’m sorry it’s too loud I’ll use the guitar….

Can’t think for half a second’s quick space of none banality.

Hoped to rain an analogy of half decent quality.

Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad?

“Yes baby?”

“What’s a family?”


© G.P Williamson 2017

Parenting, poems

A note

A note


The last line written.
The last sip of wine drank.
Sour taste.
One year.
A fleeting moment of perfection.
Did I spend enough time with you?
Loved forever and adored.
My heart and mind forever yours.
I love you beyond acknowledgement.
Beyond my repair.
Above the repercussions of my past.
I’ll be forever there.
All I do is with you in mind.
All I am holds you inside.
Forgive me the days I’ll miss and the times gone unshared.
Don’t for a second think I never cared.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2014