Short poems

Rough and mean.

Rough and mean.


I know today you’re all dolled, ready to go for another no show, one stop shop, two bob a job Joe.

Your whispers meet purr all unseen and clean. A pheromone dream from a movie scene for a man who’ll treat you rough and mean.

You know what I mean. On sating sheets where palm meets face and your feet forced apart all hips displaced.

Tomorrow you’ll lay around all worn, torn and fake scorned like a bad ornament.

For the husband.

He adores.

© G.P Williamson 2018


Grab it and whisper.

Grab it and whisper.


The foolish bard drinks merrily the poison of desire.

No recollection of a future.

No marriage to impress.

No children who’d enquire.

My walked paths held holed shoes in my souls truth.

The whole truth walked in the souls earth.

What is this coat worth?

To grab it and whisper. “I’m sorry I kissed her”

Now you’ll claim die on the twitch of an eye on what else would I lie?

You’ll not trust as much as I said as such and now it’s just dust.

Goodbye to your touch.

For all that I had and all that I loved I wish I’d held on for the greater good.

Here take it – take my blood.

© G.P Williamson 2018

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Cheating hearts

Cheating hearts.


You’ll tell me tomorrow that you’re sorry for insinuating the things you’ve meant for weeks.

I’ll forgive you and apologise for insinuating things I’ve meant for months.

We’ll both continue lying to one another.

Persuasion, like that tickle on the palm of your hand that they don’t notice.

The warmth in your legs.

The cobweb sensation across your face.

The tingle in your lips that makes them itch.

Persuasion, the choice based alternative to love.

What a fictional perfection.

© G.P Williamson 2017



played me like a trumpet!

Played me like a trumpet!


You played me like a trumpet.
You almost blew my mind.
You promised me a horoscope in a month I cannot find.

Scratched me with red fingernails.
I nosed down your stomach in greet.
Tasting sweaty rainbows,
Then tangled in the sheets.

Left me like a slug at the place where we once dined.
A simple outdoors love affair.
Your salt is on my mind.

Two dates was all it took.
I guess you broke me in.
The spineless slug left ruined,
From outside to within.

You drank dark whiskey.
I drank red wine.
Couldn’t you pretend,
You’d had a good time?

Copyright G.P Williamson 2013