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Blessed be me



Blessed be me


The day whizzed by like a mosquito on speed, rapidly hurtling towards a new victim.

The quiet night tore through me leaving an empty space inside, like someone stole the coffin lid.

Hiding beneath the covers of fact I’d¬†encased upon my soul, I blamed an old perception for my new life’s goal.

I drank from the empty cup of dreams as I slipped under, fulfilling every old need I’d ever nailed to my own undignified cross.


I was blessed he told me as he took my hand. His head next to mine,

I could feel him clearly.

He laughed and not a little,

but the rolling Santa belly laugh of old friends and young hopes,

then he vanished.


I rested and I rose.

A new day with the ultimate smile.

An acknowledgement of me.



Copyright G.P Williamson 2014

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