Black boxes – Depression in a shape.

Black boxes – Depression in a shape.


Boxes of boxes.

Walls of black boxes which unlock to keep stock of chores and pocket troll wars.


Mountains and fountains, foundations, daunting foundations of chanting boxes.

Open doors, several scores, shouting, chanting, wanting more.

Boxes wars, boxes claws.

Boxes you’ve never seen before.

Boxes with fangs who’s hair overhangs.

Boxes with white eyes who stare through dark nights.

Boxes with crispy clear voices that tell lies.

Boxes from which I can’t hide.

Boxes which ride a scarlet demon from sinful pleasure to divine….

….Fill in the last line for me…the boxes are calling.

© G.P Williamson 2018


Who you were meant to be.


“How was your holiday?” They’ll say like the ink in a bible rewritten a thousand times this way.

Something you should say.

“How’s the baby?” They’ll ask like the intense rubbing of an unorthodox latex mask.

They all have their quirks, but nobody asks.

Killer clowns, drowned owls, pigeons sneeze and brown frowns.

Question marks in light rafters. Pyramid plunder in dark corners, cursed monsters and pure daughters.

“Have a nice day” and a “thankyou” combined with a “It’s raining out” or a “could be worse” mundane verse after mundane verse.

Hit me up with a “How’s it hanging?”a “Yo sup?” or a “Damn she’s banging” but don’t be mundane when you want to be free.

Step outside yourself for the whole world to see.

You’re not just a program to me.

Be who you were meant to be.

© G.P Williamson 2018

Short poems

What do you want?

What do you want?

14th February 2018

A friend, a lover, a wife, a mother, a therapist, a husband, a rough night, a caring hand, dinner and a date, whipped cream and cake, frogs legs at a far away place.

After Eights on your pillow, a swinging bench and a weeping willow. A good conversation with lots of praise. Someone who listens beyond the end of days. Can laugh with, be funnier, prettier too….

….Strange all considering, all I wanted was you.

Someone to take the lead and be laid back. Make all the choices but not over react. Have responsibility and keep all your independence. Happy all the time and not dare once a grimace.

Do all the dishes, the garden the halls. Fix up the chimney the pipes and the walls. Go out to work and keep the home in laughter. Be a good dad and live happily ever after.

Someone who’s all things beyond end of days, someone who takes all and stays, stays and stays.

As long as you’re funnier, wittier, smarter too….. ..

….. Sad all considering all I wanted was you.

© G.P Williamson 2018

Short poems

Just Stay (Short)

 Just stay (Short)

14th February 2018

Just stay.

Stay out of the way.

Arguments come, they go.

Relationships fray.

Just stay.

Uneven carpets in uneven halls.

Cracks in broken, damaged walls.

Foundations strong, the cobbles sore.

Just stay.

Stay out of the way.

From eternity, just stay.

© G.P Williamson 2018


Grab it and whisper.

Grab it and whisper.


The foolish bard drinks merrily the poison of desire.

No recollection of a future.

No marriage to impress.

No children who’d enquire.

My walked paths held holed shoes in my souls truth.

The whole truth walked in the souls earth.

What is this coat worth?

To grab it and whisper. “I’m sorry I kissed her”

Now you’ll claim die on the twitch of an eye on what else would I lie?

You’ll not trust as much as I said as such and now it’s just dust.

Goodbye to your touch.

For all that I had and all that I loved I wish I’d held on for the greater good.

Here take it – take my blood.

© G.P Williamson 2018


Chirpy Chirpy Bark Bark.

Chirpy Chirpy Bark Bark.

23rd February 2018

Canary faces.

Dog chased.

Be gone crazy ex face making distressed illness on my mirror’s case.

You’ve lost, you’re second place.

I’ve turtle power, I win this race.

Plodding along, righting wrongs.

Love sung the hymns to a different song.

Encased Shrugment.

A holy allotment.

Nothing grows like her talks are old.

They drag the same wheelbarrow down the same old road.

You’ve told me before, I know. I heard it.

You regurgitate facts that are just absurd shit.

Canary faces, dog chased.

Tell me why you I’ve not replaced?

Stupid moral compass and your non magnetic dial.

Don’t do me any favours.

Keep your God damn smile.

© G.P Williamson 2018