Best ghosts ever

Best ghosts ever.


Interestingly she said don’t forget to be yourself, which is strange considering I was me or at least I presumed I was until she’d commented.

It was then I overthought her presence.

Fantasized about the situation and allowed my mind to run wild with unstoppable conclusions.

Illusions, falsities and make believe delusions.

Realities which could be if I believed and yet I didn’t believe.

I didn’t because I couldn’t remember who I was pretending to be.


© G.P Williamson 2017


Real fantasy

Real fantasy


When there’s no fear during an argument anymore.

When the passion fails to rise.

When her opposing voice matters not.

It’s then, then you’ll capsize.

Sink for the sake of it because swimming isn’t worth the bother,

beneath the waves you’ll find that secluded kind of other.

She’ll suck you of your senses, pacify your thirst.

Remove the blood from your very veins unless you get there first.

She’ll cater to your every whim and you will set her free.

She’s real and all your favourite dreams,

She’s also fantasy.


© G.P Williamson 2017



Flaming Rainbows

Flaming Rainbows.


I couldn’t see them at first.

It took practice, lots of practice.

At first I tried around stationary objects, a bath, a table, a sink.

Anything I could squint my eyes around to catch a glimpse before a blink.

Then the spaces between people, the gaps in how they walk, spaces in their words or adjusting how they talk.

It took many hours.

I watched the nights turn thin.

Then just like flaming rainbows I felt a stir begin.

A sound a shuffle made or a shuffle made sound.

It matters not the motion the sight was most profound.

A hazy mist came coloured and I dare’d not turn around.

For a goblin fought a lion both not one foot off the ground.

A pygmy choked a fairy and an Ogre beat a cloud.

All of which danced between a hungry pack of hounds.

©G.P Williamson 2017