Short poems

Fatality & frailty

Fatality and frailty.


It’s like every time you try you grit your teeth.

Goodbye’s alive and birthing.

Subsidising positives and self worthing.

Self elf on a shelf capsizing.

Fake wizards and new gods baptizing.

Fatal perception and the art of realising.

Death’s impression was a beautiful girls tender touch.

I hate and miss her so much.

© G.P Williamson 2018

Short poems

Achievements between breaths.

Achievements between breaths.


The fatal connection between love and dependency.

The over caring compassion between trust and unity.

How a feather opens wounds stitched with futility.

These moments mean, so much to me as the pride of a lion roars.

They applaud miniscule achievements between breaths of personal desire.

With each step we reach higher.

© G.P Williamson 2018

Short poems

lethality, a vicious fatality.

Lethality, a vicious fatality.

14th February 2018

Like a frightening form of greased lightning.

You stole my soul and birthed a pocket troll that made my whole world a completed goal.

Then another daughter to a father of a treasured feather lover.

Rekindled faith in human kind where a black mind resides behind the curtains of open lands in places I can’t find.

Unity the symbol of a snake eating its tail, ting yang balance and the relationship absails.

Pales in comparison to a million hues of colorful rainbows and there out the window like a stray balloon it goes…

I’ve tried every resource I’ve ever known.

You’re not lifting me up and that’s not home.

I’d turn two faced to a half mirror for a priceless artifact I can’t replace.

Drag that damn car from outer space with Primarks own make shoelaces but my children?

Touch once in the venomous tongue of evil and face the wrath of one movement, no pain just fast and lethal.

© G.P Williamson 2018