Mine alone.

Mine alone.


It’s a sad day when you have to give up what you love because another’s actions are cruel and unjust.

Even perceiving them in a different way wouldn’t work.

Fate’s way of saying move on is strong.

Albeit briefly I concern myself with am I leaving the rightest of wrongs or the wrongest of rights?

We shall see another night.

This evening you’re mine and mine alone.

It was her birthday when it started and a new works.

An ironic circumstance in a place I freely gave meaning to and beyond because of a date.

The year was right but they were not, I once forgave but I cannot.


© G.P Williamson 2017


He jokes

He jokes


I like the way he jokes the days away.

Odd bit of banter a lighter delay.

Delay on progression, personal growth.

Delay on my future, less days by the coast.

Delay on the workload.

Delay with his lies.

Delay by design.

Delay with your eyes.

Train a team to analyze, to memorise the peoples tide.

Growth to overcome, to populate.

To delegate a team,



© G.P Williamson 2017