3rd September 2017

3rd September

(24 years to the day my mother was killed, an ode would be innacurate as it’s more a simple list of facts)


Happy Birthday of your death.

Happy day, you still can’t take a breath.

Happy twenty four years today you went away.

Happy tomorrow it will just add another day.

Happy life you didn’t have.

Happy knife as you he stabbed.

Happy duvet at which you grabbed.

Happy you never saw me become a dad.

Happy the greatest thing that ever happend to me you missed.

Happy you never saw us together my brother and sisters.

Happy I’ve walked with you for so far I no longer feel the blisters.

Happy marriage you did not witness.

Happy even in absence I can’t sense your kiss.

Happy that prayer leaves nothing but emptiness.

Happy that hypnosis and meditation make me stronger.

Happy I don’t miss you any longer.


© G.P Williamson 2017


I can’t be sad today! (Poem for Samm)

I can’t be sad today.

Tomorrow you are here,
In the thoughts of yesterday,
Each and every year.

I can’t be sad today

Tomorrow is profound.
In the thoughts of yesterday,
Each moment all year round.

I can’t be sad today.

Tomorrow doesn’t live.
Each moment is as precious as the life I’m born to live.

I can’t be sad today.

I don’t choose it so,
Neither should the person with nowhere left to go.

I can’t be sad today.

I’m inspired by a memory.
Forgotten like a dream.
Harnessed in a heartbeat.
That’s more than what it seems.

I can’t be sad today.
That world does not exist.
I refuse to be a burden to this life I chose, persist!

I am not sad today.
Each moment here’s a choice.
Listen to the echo’s of that inner deeper voice.

copyright G.P Williamson 2014.

Www.gpwpoetry.wix.com/gpwpoetry A poem provided for Samm (support after murder and manslaughter)




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