Short poems

Achievements between breaths.

Achievements between breaths.


The fatal connection between love and dependency.

The over caring compassion between trust and unity.

How a feather opens wounds stitched with futility.

These moments mean, so much to me as the pride of a lion roars.

They applaud miniscule achievements between breaths of personal desire.

With each step we reach higher.

© G.P Williamson 2018


One minute

One minute


Can we take one minute to stop a war?

Do we instead need the minute’s silence to recall those gone before?

Shouldn’t a hand in a hand show you we’re all born from the same land?

Shouldn’t it be proper that we all have the freedom to speak and stand?

Can we take one minute to help someone less fortunate?

Can we look past our own fears, ego’s and regrets?

If we take one minute, together as a planet, then the best of our world hasn’t happend yet.

One minute to be the best poem ever written.

One minute to share all the love we’ve been given.

One minute to make time stand still and unite us as one race, the human race, forever.

Will you stand up?



© G.P Williamson 2017