Not the same you see.

Not the same you see.
12th July 2018

When you’ve lost so much you’re waiting to lose again.
Another time frame.
Another place.
Another girl.
Another face.
It doesn’t matter, it leaves a trace.
A fire love.
A chain of command.
An authority figure that stands and demands.
“You’ll not get close to me!”
“You I’ll not let in!”
A sergeants voice and a wide eyed grin.
A little girl hides inside with tears in her mind.
“I’ll get hurt again!”
“I’m sorry!, please tell me a different story.”
You’re there in between willing yourself to just be.
These people might not be the same as Lee.
When you’re alive but not free.
Suicide, suicide, suicide, see?

© G.P Williamson 2018

Short poems

Train wreck.

Train Wreck.


Hmm how interesting, the fear train associated with the hazard gap you’ve explained time and again.

The safety net the great pretext to beat what they haven’t conquered yet.

Him I’ll never forget.

I need to bring forwards what I’ve not achieved to date.

Goodbye Lee.

No regrets mate.

© G.P Williamson 2018


Age onset perspectives of positive discrepancies.

Age onset perspectives of positive discrepancies.


The older I get the more I understand less.

The more I leave my body to wonder around alone like a ghost in a poor mans home.

One day she’ll die and I’ll be lost forever but today we argue and pretend that day will never come.

She’ll regret her words and I’ll regret some.

We’ll both regret the hurts but whilst she’s here I’ll come undone.

Make judgements about it being new baby blues and all that hogwash and tish.

These are speculative tendencies I usually blow a bird to a “Sit on this”

This time I’ve no time. It’s much more than this.

It’s an age onset thing like religious parables inside a diamond ring.

Like marriage vows with no V and an R.

Like buying a Porsche when you can’t drive a car.

It’s more of the everything and less of depression.

It’s I can’t lift a finger because there’s just too much pressing.

It’s a song and a dance when the rainbows are out.

The love of two girls when the doves scream and shout.

It’s having the feet but nowhere to walk.

It’s challenging behaviours and nobody to talk.

Fastening seatbelts but not going too fast.

Being scared of heights whilst flat on the ground.

It’s screaming at night without making a sound.

It’s for those who have everything because they came through it with demons.

It’s the 28th March and I still pretend you’re just sleeping.

© G.P Williamson 2018


Seven story building

Seven story building.


A top a seven story building stands a seven story man. With seven story windows and a bible in his hand.

A seven story crisp packet blows way down below the street.

Where a seven story drop awaits beneath his feet.

A seven story inpact awaits with a patient curse.

Amidst a seven story ambulance the police and a nurse.

A top a seven story building stands a seven story man.

From a seven story building a bible hits the ground.

© G.P Williamson 2018