Short poems

My Fusion (Short)

My Fusion (Short)


Your clothes came off with cataclysmic audacity as you were born a new to my favourite fantasy.

Doorway shadows, no fear all care. Blankets of light through wavy hair.

Forgone conclusion.
Waking illusion.

Wish I could die inside this delusion.

© G.P Williamson 2018





I remember walking down that road in the heat.

I remember I’d never call that house a home.

I remember laughing endlessly with friends and naming those stars.

Where have those days gone?

I remember you drawing faces on iced cars with your finger.

The staff room at work and arguments that drove me crazy.

Where have those days gone baby?

I remember throwing in the towel a hundred times as a singleton.

Standing up a hundred more as I became a man.

I miss being who you once thought I am.

Specifically frozen in time, an icy craft.

For I was, just leaves a draft.

Too cold for temptation.

Too hot to stop first.

An empty nuance.

The bubble has burst.


© G.P Williamson 2017