Carelessness causes fire.

Carelessness causes fire


Carelessness causes fire.

It also causes other losses.

Pay attention to what you’ve got.

Things get broken, misplaced when they’re not cared for.

Gone, forgotton in a wince of pain and loneliness.

Do I look like I’ll beg for your forgiveness?

Straight answers with long faces.

This place kept safe with no disgraces.

No embraces.

Soulless shapes like empty suitcases.

I’d give myself a new shape to dictate a new fate but it’s too late.

I asked a million time why we’re here every few weeks, what can we change?

It’s heart breaking and just stays the same.

It’s the no flame game waiting for a stage to reset, get rearranged that’s left stagnating.

What’s left is half a heart beating.


© G.P Williamson 2017


Faithful words.

Faithful words.


I couldn’t mind strain a sentence I just knew one after another meant I was walking.

I wouldn’t mind the laughing docks the endless hills or ticking clocks, if it wasn’t for the surprise factor.

That for the past year or so I’ve been walking north. I had no goal but knew where I was going.

I took a rest for seconds and did a map reading, eight thousand miles south it was showing.

I saw a burning bush in the distance which turned out to be a flicker of light on broken glass, from a bottle in the desert which held no water and was too dangerous to trust.

I walked with bleeding feet and aches, aches of a thousand armies until I’d had enough. It was then, then that I began to trust, not in him or me just in the total hopelessness that was my situation. I trusted it was over and that we were done.

Left arm held high holding the note, right holding a flame I torched your existance and I burnt with it.

From head to toe from foot to nose I fried complete whilst the whole world froze.


© G.P Williamson 2017





I discovered my loss once I’d found the note.

It wasn’t that you weren’t there that affected me so much.

It’s that you weren’t everywhere.

You weren’t in the kitchen where we laughed.

The dining room where we ate.

The garden, we played or the bedroom we ached.

It was too late.

You weren’t heard in the other rooms.

No clothes, no smell of perfume.

No responce to my voice, no answers, no words.

Just gloom.

I found the note and held it.

You weren’t in my fingers for they were numb.

Nor my heart, was this alone?

You weren’t in my arms… what had I done?

My tears stained the paper, until like you..

…it was gone.


©G.P Williamson 2017



For us both!


Obliterated facts to tempt reason.

Hushed shouts from voice boxes,

speak riddles most toxic.

I unify in one for both of us.

To end solidarity and allow individual growth for us both!

Write misdemeaners on the wall in red ink.

I’ll scrub till’ I’m blue and can’t think!

Pain rages, aspestos lungs, can’t breath for unlyrical songs.

For the both of us!

We’ll right the world’s wrongs.


Earths’ poles degrade repeat negativities.

The news celebrates war with each festivities.

I’d salute gravity itself if it would let me……off my knee’s.

For us both!

Let us stand and amend the tribe of humanity.

Rage war on calamity.

Change the face of media to think strong.

No more governing bodies lining pockets with doctor strung false dockets of opportunity.

That money’s for you and me.

Take the wrong rights in headlights and stand up to fight!

Are you that anonymous you can remain ambiguous to a situation that ignites the soul’s stimulus?

Rage again and think twice the world’s full of drones.

You’re on ice.

Marching bands holding hands whilst we all drown in Karma’s plans.

You did nothing.

You didn’t wake up.

Screw you – time’s up.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2017