Tears for growth

Tears for growth


Forgive my stupid mouth.

The atrocities are worse than war.

Your tears could sooth a thousand armies,

Should they experiance what you’ve shed them for.

I’m sorry, words I never say and seldom feel.

Experiance as I don’t know what to say nor why at all I’m real.

Forgive my stupid mouth and with forgiveness may you heal.

My opinion is a sour crust beside the pizza top of life.

Any facts I may have spoken come with a spread of lies.


© G.P Williamson 2017



Come to tears

Come to tears.


Come to tears she said with her eyes
I’d love to say it touched me.
Perhaps I was too far gone.
From her, from anyone

Come to tears she’d written upon my coffee cup.
Red lipstick, I drank
The thought warming my chest not my heart.

Come to tears she pleaded inaudibly as I dressed
Seeing only my reflection in the wardrobe mirror.

Come to tears as I shaved,
Said goodbye to an empty space where once I was saved.

Come to tears written on the bus’s boarding sign.
Stamped my ticket in a rain filled line.

Come to tears she nudged my shoulder.
An empty seat where I used to hold her.

Come to tears! She played with my hair.
The emptiness moved but she was not there.

Forget me not at the florist shop.
Come to tears written on the top.

Smelling the rose laid by her grave.
Remembering that time I was saved.

“come to tears” I heard her speak
and that’s when I broke down to weep.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2014