Short poems

Lego days.

Lego days.


These thoughts are lego days built up, knocked down and strewn around the ground, the pattern sways.

These thoughts are jumbled bricks, tit bits, uneven sticks, Matchstick men of matchstick cats and dogs.

These thoughts are frozen icicles on frozen logs.

Burning coldly in front of a ghastly fire of pain and fury. It warms me.

Cosy up a little closer.

Let me tell you a story.

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Popped Kaboom’s

Popped Kaboom’s


I breathed in as you exhaled.

It was like a thought bubble had bloomed which filled the room when all my feelings popped kaboom’s.

Tiny crackles, major pops.

Icicles on stickledrops.

Like sticklebacks but always falling.

Raindrops shouting, snowmen calling.

Waiting in parks because the ice cream man’s here.

Dancing in puddles and knowing no fear.

Best friends holding hands as calender sheets fall.

January, February, March as he leaves to join the war.

My thought bubble pops and I’m aware once more.

She’s twenty, at the kitchen table, holding his photograph and trying not to cry.

All I can do is watch.


© G.P Williamson 2017




Don’t let yourself down.
Don’t let yourself worry.
Don’t get wrapped up in the past.
Take your time there’s no hurry.

Don’t fail to act.
Don’t ever stay down.
Don’t fail to pursue, and repair that frown.

Don’t say you’re sorry if you’re not.
Don’t forgive what you can’t forget.
Don’t ever quit.
Life’s not over yet.

Don’t let your guard down.
Don’t fail to let people in.
Don’t waste time on a whim.

Don’t plan too much.
Don’t over analyze.
Enjoy the moment.
Don’t over realize.

Don’t live in the past.
Don’t live in your dreams.
Don’t live for a memory.
We are all too far gone.
Live for right now.
You are number one.

Copyright G.P.Williamson 2013

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You’ve shown me. (Poem)

Book Stories of you by G.P Williamson
Poem “You’ve shown me”



You’ve shown me capabilities that I needed so much.

You showed me without words.

You showed me with your touch.

You’ve shown me candlelight in the heat beneath your skin.

You’ve shown me how to move so ever deep within.

You’ve shown me how to cradle both my mind and heart.

You’ve shown me how to love and how to fall apart.

You’ve shown me that it is just the start of all you hold within.

You told me with a look and it’s now my life begins.

You took the very spark of me the essence that is life.

You magnified it tenfold when you agreed to be my wife.


Copyright G.P Williamson 2013