Kate Latimer Taxidermist (Enigmatic Magnetism, The Photo – A Poem)

Enigmatic Magnetism

The Photo


Kate’s Daughter

Photo Provided by Kate Latimer Taxidermist.


Men cry in the night for such beauty,

amidst a gothic array of unique antiquity.

Why should they care when it’s not theirs to share.

Go on up your game they wear their own shame on sleeve’s of indifference you’re already famed.

Is the fabric of reality too hard to swallow you’ll be still here when their gone tomorrow?

Most choices combined,

new clothes each time,

Tells no such story one line at a time.

A possible reason…seems accurate and just. You combine all their era’s.

One photo.

Don’t blush.


Copyright G.P Williamson 2014  GPWPoetry.



This Poem was inspired by Kate’s daughter who is pictured with numerous item’s Kate has created (Top)

Kate had posted a comment about how her daughter had received a lot of negative comments due to her choice in clothing. Naturally I had to respond to this. She looks great and I hope my girl grows up to be as unique, strong and individual!

When I requested to use the picture for my own blog Kate and her daughter jumped at it.

Kate  started working as a taxidermist after she had some success in restoring trophies for friends and acquaintances in Oxfordshire then took a one-to-one training course with reknowned taxidermist George C. Jamieson, at his workshop in Scotland.



Kate Latimer


Kate explains

“I’m a perfectionist, always driving to become better with each item I work on. I am a member of the Guild of Taxidermists, the Oxford Ornithological Society and also a keen conservationist.”




Kate’s creations:

katetaxi1 katetaxi3



To contact Kate for a quote visit http://katelatimer.co.uk/taxidermy  Alternatively you can click any of the images on this page to go directly to her facebook page.