The price of living.

The price of living.


The price of living.


Who created this indelible blot?

How did we reach this state?

The cost of having food on your plate.

Not the “quality” of the food which should always be deemed.

But the food itself.

Life can’t be redeemed.

The price of living.


The carry cot.

The water rates.

Camping rights.

The work we create.

The U.K can’t afford it’s plate.

Sitting at the big table with all these posh nobs and plush cushions.

Sat on hessian sacks with Polish vodka and dodgy russians.

Spiked orange from Aldi with a flat pack Ikea parody and a cap that screams “War” as we request scraps like Oliver’s law.

The price of living.


That which should have been a unified bind of committed lines.

An oath between our binding ties has become a stew of delicious lies.

We’ll taste and tumble on our poisoned ensemble and you’ll watch the price of our tears dry with no receipt.

No refunds.


You’ll charge us indiscreetly.

The price of living.


We’ll explain it to our children like we do cruelty.

Like famine and how some people don’t have enough.

That sharing is kind but to take care of yourself first.

That you’re good enough to deserve everything but should be kind enough to give it away.

That’s how this circle of poverty and neglect finds a way to fund and portray.

The price of living.


© G.P Williamson 2018


Kites and Ghosts

Kites and Ghosts.


I stopped writing when we went to war.

Did battle day and night.

Stopped writing when the weather died.

The kite she dropped mid flight.

Red and sturdy on a backdrop of grey. She dropped to the earth, with a clatter she lay.

Still by the sidewalk in the middle of the road.

What had I done? How you would I hold?

They vanished in my minds eyes as reminders of my life.

Hollow little ghosts with a hollow little wife.

I could talk but couldn’t see.

My fingers through thin air.

I could listen, couldn’t hear like a cloud kissing a bear.

I fused a tangled daydream with the memory of a kiss.

Tied a noose of solitude and kissed goodbye to this.

How I stopped writing when we went to war.

The soldiers all heroic.

How I silenced the horns, the bugles won’t play, all broken, empty, stoic.

© G.P Williamson 2018


One minute

One minute


Can we take one minute to stop a war?

Do we instead need the minute’s silence to recall those gone before?

Shouldn’t a hand in a hand show you we’re all born from the same land?

Shouldn’t it be proper that we all have the freedom to speak and stand?

Can we take one minute to help someone less fortunate?

Can we look past our own fears, ego’s and regrets?

If we take one minute, together as a planet, then the best of our world hasn’t happend yet.

One minute to be the best poem ever written.

One minute to share all the love we’ve been given.

One minute to make time stand still and unite us as one race, the human race, forever.

Will you stand up?



© G.P Williamson 2017


A for Alpha

A for Alpha


What started as a lullaby.

Sweet, crisp and even.

Melodic in it’s rhythm and with purity and reason.

Is now losing words,

Big gaps which once made sense.

A nothingness, no afterthought,

A contract of comuppence.

The park looked good at first.

But now it’s just a K.

It’s like the Alpha letter chased the other ones away.

With all the jumbled lazy faces in place of missing crazy aces.

I wonder will it keep it’s place when it can barely tie it’s laces.

Like a family photograph in unfamiliar places.

Echo’s of the mind where a five your old’s been tracing.

A gallary of petty flaws where once the soldiers stood.

Once loyal to the business cause once paid their time in blood.

What started as a lullaby sweet and crisp and even.

Has ended in a tragedy, even I can’t believe in.

©G.P Williamson 2017


Christmas Giveaway Spectacular – A response to Ashleigh money saving expert.

Christmas Giveaway Spectacular

The precious gems of the internet are often very hard to find. However amongst the masses of junk out there sometimes, something pops up that just grabs you by the shirt and pulls you in.
I was lucky enough to encounter one of these posts on my facebook this morning by Ashleigh money saving expert. Here is their post and yes it’s free.

“*********** CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY SPECTACULAR ************

I’m giving TWO lucky followers the chance to win Christmas!!!! That’s right, I put on my shopping hat and pulled together TWO mega bundles of toys; one for a boy and one for a girl.

I will be choosing at random one winner for each of the bundles worth over a whopping £700 each!! See below for a full list of toys included in each bundle

This really will make Christmas sooooooo much easier!

To enter simply…

1. Like this post
2. Finish this sentence and leave your comment below. ‘All I want for Christmas is…’
3. You don’t need to share but sharing is caring

Winners will be selected at random on Friday 5th December 2014 at 11am. One winner will be selected for the boy bundle and one winner will be selected for the girl bundle.

Please note: If the prize is not claimed within 72 hours new winner(s) will drawn. This has happened recently so make sure you don’t miss an announcement by selecting ‘get notifications’ on my page.

Wishing you all lots of luck

Ash x

What’s included in the boys MEGA bundle…

Mega Bloks Classic Buildable Bag (60 Pieces)
Scuttlebug Zoom
VTech Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera
Top Trumps Specials: Star Wars – The Clone Wars
Disney Cars Off Road Racin’ Lightning McQueen Toy
Monopoly Monsters University Junior
Rubik’s Cube
Nintendo Handheld Console 3DS – Ice White
Sonic The Hedgehog 6-in-1 Accessory Kit (Nintendo 3DS/DS)
Skylanders Swap Force – Starter Pack (Nintendo 3DS)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nintendo 3DS)
Angry Birds Star Wars (Nintendo 3DS)
Lego 10662 Bricks & More Creative Bucket 607 Pieces
The LEGO® Ideas Book
LEGO Official Annual 2015
Playmobil City Action 4821 Fire Engine
Mega Puzzles 8-in-1 Skylanders Multipack
VTech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Emergency Vehicles 3-Car Pack
VTech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Police Station
Minecraft Light Up Torch
Playdoh Ultimate Rainbow Pack
Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone
Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack
TOMY Pop-Up Pirate
Wooden Art Box
TOMY Play to Learn Hide ‘n’ Squeak Eggs
TOMY Megasketcher
Hasbro Spiderman Mask
Spider Man Hero FX Glove
Philips Marvel Spider-Man Pocket Children’s Torch and Night Light
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2015
LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker
Peppa Pig: Stomp and Roar!
Nerf A0200E24 N-Strike Elite Stryfe Blaster
Avengers Fleece Blanket
Gooey Louie

What’s included in the girls MEGA bundle…

Disney Frozen Ice Skating Elsa Doll
Top Trumps – Disney Frozen Card Game
Frozen Fleece Blanket
Barbie Colour Change Handbag
VTech Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera
LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker
Nintendo Handheld Console 3DS
New Art Academy (Nintendo 3DS)
LEGO Friends (Nintendo 3DS)
Riding Stables: The Whitakers present Milton and Friends (Nintendo 3DS)
Moshi Monsters Moshlings 10-in-1 Accessory Kit (Nintendo 3DS)
Disney Princess Sparkle Princess Belle Doll
Rubik’s Cube
Mega Bloks Classic Buildable Bag
Monopoly Junior
Barbie Endless Curls Doll
Playdoh Ultimate Rainbow Pack
Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone
Disney Princess Annual 2015
Silver Cross Dolls’ Ranger Pram
Monster High Scary Bangles Styling Set
Childrens 67 PC Craft Art Artists Set in Wooden Box Case Crayons Paints Pens Pencils
Disney Frozen Trio Jigsaw Puzzles
TOMY Play to Learn Hide ‘n’ Squeak Eggs
Guess Who?
TOMY Megasketcher
Monster High Freaky Fusion Avea Trotter Hybrid Doll
Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Hybrid Doll
Baby Born Interactive Girl
LEGO Juniors 10674: Pony Farm
Disney Princess Sparkle Princess Rapunzel Doll
Disney Princess Magic Dress Sleeping Beauty
My Little Pony: Annual 2015
Ozbozz My First Scooter
Peppa Pig: ABC with Peppa

**This competition is not endorsed by Facebook**

The question has to be what reason do we have not to enter into this? Good luck!


All I want for Christmas (a response to Ashleigh Money Saving Expert)


All I want for Christmas is a most amazing feast.
A short dot of red wine and to free the middle east.

All I want for Christmas is to know I’m doing well,
Making universal love a life you live to tell.
Falling autumn leaves into a winter wishing well.

All I want for Christmas is a song we’ll share together,
Resounding through our voices a million accents joined forever.
Frosty church windows and a crunch beneath my feet.
Any faith my friend I’ll not fight for rain nor sleet.

All I want for Christmas is turkey amongst my choices,
And your freedom to air objection kindly with your voices.
Let’s make a child smile, enough with Trojan horses.

All I want for Christmas is freedom for the free.
A single solidarity, a unity to be.
Apart we rain down arrows, bullets and rockets.
Together we managed to land on a comet.

All I want for Christmas is your parcel here donated.
Give it to a desperate child who’s life was once ill fated.
Make that little un smile if just for Christmas day,
And hope another million gifts will somehow fall their way.

All I want for Christmas is for everyone to love.
It matters not the day or time just know you are enough.

Copyright G.P Williamson 2014