Autumn Rainbows.

Autumn Rainbows.


Autumn leaf rainbows.

The prelude to the hope of snow.

Climbed trees as the wind blew.

Your child eyes I see through.
Golden rays on running heels.

Tree like drifts on grassy fields.

Wonderous earth she sways and saunters.

Running through leaves with my daughter.

Collecting fragments of your life.

Yellows, reds, what’s left alive.

Cascading caricatures we copy and stick.

Like the perfect buildings from the perfect brick.

Treasured memories that only we know.

Autumn leaf rainbows and the hope of snow.


© G.P Williamson 2017



The sun shone on the weatherman

The sun shone on the weatherman.


The sun shone nice today on the weatherman.

Like the whole eclipse perfected the spin, together, as it should be.

Rainbow’s dotted daisys to raindrops where sky fallers dance.

Their was laughter.

Songs of the birds chirrups where hiccups laugh so much it hurts.

Where memories of the wedding make the church burst.

A thousand white balloons and not one hearse.

Not one sad dace to slow down an insane race.

She grimaced at a sour Gargamel Smurf sweet.

We chased with water sprays the growing pains of the nation’s never ending selfish media tirade.

We grew as people and I forgave myself.

The sun shone nice today on the weatherman and I let the battery on my phone run out.

We are here not there.

A shoelace tid itself and a four year old smiled.

So did her parents.

All for a smile.


© G.P Williamson 2017