Six word story.

Six word story.

(The idea behind a six word story is that each person comments to create the best or most interesting and most often than not they work as prompts for future works. However I’d noticed I was commenting a fair bit on one post so I put them together and got something……different.)

Six word story.

Together they never forgave each other.

Bludgeoned to ecstacy in chaotic wonder.

Last night they cried mercy, eternally.

Forget me not remember me always.

Death was the release they longed for.

A long release pained every crevice.

Each popcorn bit, a silent scream.

Memory blanked from depth’s just discovered.

He stopped my pain, squeezed throat.

Reiterate my start, unblock my heart.

Beach house blinds the graveyard neighbours.

Standing on stones, blood red rivers.

Many women died within his eyes.

Together they danced, entwined in tomorrow.


© G.P Williamson 2017


Naughty word (Graphic Short)

Naughty word.


I called him a naughty word because like a glove it fit so tightly.

Tightly like a hand clasped firm around his throat.

Squeezing the truth like verbal juice from caricature to fact into a hypothetical bible of purity.

Purity – the truth of the words rather than the words themselves.

I called him a naughty word because like a glove it fit.

©G.P Williamson 2017